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Reasons Why Storage Units Make Sense

With house prices rising and the actual fact that almost all of us have less space than previously, it’s no real surprise that increasing numbers of people are using self storage. Particularly if you factor in the challenges of the this past year, and that many of us have been forced to home based, even if we might not have the area. 

 A space is what we label of it, but what goes on if you just don’t have sufficient? From business storage to decluttering, there are so multiple reasons why people use self storage. Here, we run through the most notable reasons and give out the pros and why you should think about it.


With a growth internal prices and the dreaded stamp duty fees looming once more, many of us are looking to update our existing spaces rather than making the proceed to a costly new property. Whether you’re renovating an individual room or are redecorating your entire home, it’s likely that you’ll probably need someplace else to store your belongings to prevent them getting dirty, dusty or damaged.

Making improvements to your house can be time-consuming, but self storage supplies the perfect option to keep all of your belongings safe and taken care of. It also really helps to reduce stress and keeps your items safe and sound, letting you focus on the work you’re having done without fretting about your furniture or valuables.

Moving home

The most common reason most people use self self storage, relocating brings with it a whole load of issues, problems and hurdles. And, let’s face it, moving house isn’t easy, particularly if you merely have a short amount of time to vacate your present space or are in between properties for a few days. To help keep things safe and organised, a self storage unit is the perfect solution.

Similarly, if you’re downsizing, but don’t want to spend the your valuables or keepsakes at this time, a storage unit gives you to keep them without wasting any space, so you can decide what stays and what goes further down the road with no added pressure.  To get more information about,

Follow our helpful moving house checklist now to make sure your moving process runs smoothly.

Sports equipment storage

With regards to storing your sports equipment, it can be very difficult to find the right space to keep bulky items without taking on too much room. And, although it is not too difficult to hire sports equipment, if you’re a sporting enthusiast or a semi-pro, it’s likely that you’ll have a hefty amount of your kit that will require storing, both out of season and during any breaks.

Whether you’re keeping clubs or football kit, ski’s or a canoe, with a self storage facility, you can be certain your accessories, kit and equipment are safe and protected, no matter just how long you store them for.

Business storage

Do you have stock or extra items you don’t really use often? Don’t waste valuable work place, instead move those lesser needed items into storage and make more space for your staff. Whether you’re downsizing or relocating, if you’re a company you’ll probably have a lot of equipment, technology and documentation to keep safe while you move. From desks to computers, filing to customer information, self storage provides businesses with a secure destination to keep items safe without in use and saves you needing to spend for expensive businesses premises.

Whether you’re seeking to store unused office equipment or non-essential items, or are trying to find a safe and secure space to keep confidential documents, we can help.

Equipment and tools storage

Whether you’re a specialist tradesman or simply an enthusiastic DIYer in your spare time, it’s likely that you’ll know how tricky it could be to store equipment and tools in the right way to avoid damage. Not merely are tools bulky and awkward to store, but they’re also expensive to displace if damaged.

A more secure choice than leaving tools within your van or on-site, a self storage unit gives you to raised organise your equipment while minimising clutter at home or workplace. From construction equipment to power tools, spare parts and trade stock to PPE and workwear, our self storage are suitable for a variety of equipment and, as each unit are locked with your personal padlock, you can make sure your tools are safe.

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